Inspire-Me Tuesday ( Backwards)~

I found this image on the Ballard Designs website AFTER I had completed the following project...and they reminded me enough of one another that I decided to share my project with you for Inspire-Me Tuesday (Backwards). In other words, make the project, then find a photo that looks like it could have inspired the project. HA!

Photo from Ballard Designs
So here's my little project...

I have had these frames for a while, but decided that they needed a little pick me up. I found this gorgeous scrapbook paper by Anna Griffin, and thought it was just the thing I needed. So I wrapped the mattes with the scrapbook paper...a simple, easy, and inexpensive project.
Here are the details...

1. I started by laying the matte - bevelled edge down - on the wrong side of the paper (this paper happens to be 12x12 and the mattes happen to be 10x10. This was luck. You may have to use wrapping paper or other larger sheets of paper should you decide to try this project with a larger matte).

NOTE: I made sure to do this project so that I could use the mattes again once I got tired of the new look. So I put the bevelled edge down - the bevel is the angled cut around the opening of the matte that makes it look "fancier" on the front than the back.
2. Then I used my xacto knife to cut an "x" in the opening. The corners of the "x" should meet the corners of the opening.

3. Fold the paper through the opening and affix to the back of the matte with stick glue.

4. Cut out the corners of the paper as seen below.

5. Fold the edges of the paper over and glue to the back of the matte.

6. VIOLA! "New" custom-looking mattes.

I filled mine with three of my little drawings. So springy and pretty. Love it!

This little guy is my newest creation....you'll see him gracing some projects soon in my Etsy.

Now, go forth, inspire and be inspired~


What I did on my Day Off~

Now, I must start this post off in the interest of full disclosure. Yes, I was unplugged on Friday....BUT it was only from the Land of Blog. You see, my dear readers, I have this job. That pays me money. (oh yeah, one of those...hee hee!) I work part-time from home as an editorial assistant...now that I've said that, please don't scrutinize my blog....I don't follow any sort of grammar rules, or anything like that when I blog.

Anyhoo, since I work from home, I am required to be on-line. That said, it made staying away from my blog (and everyone else's wonderful blogs) excruciatingly difficult. But I did it. And it forced me to admit to myself, that I spend a lot of time reading blogs. Not that that is bad. It's just something that I have to keep in check, so that the other important things in my life don't get pushed to the back.

So, what did I do with all that extra time that wasn't spent in blogland? I was very productive. I helped to redecorate an entire home! Top to bottom. Not only did we redecorate, but we even got the clients (and their pet) moved back in... all in one day! AMAZING! And boy do they love their new digs. I took some pics so you all could see my amazing one day makeover...check it out.

And since we had a little extra time, we built a high-rise condo next door. The new neighbors look pretty friendly, wouldn't you say?

I have some fun things lined up for this week...hope to see you all tomorrow~



I've decided to join many others in blogland today and step away from the computer (I actually typed this post on Thursday, just so you all know I'm not cheating).

I hope you all have a great weekend!

NOTE: There are still a few nest pillows available, so please send me an email if you are interested! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, please see yesterday's post.

I'll be back here on Monday...hope you'll join me~


Easter Decor and NEST PILLOWS~

Just wanted to share a little of the Easter decor spread around my home. These photos are in no particular order...and there's a little surprise at the end...hope you enjoy~

I love this sweet vintage bunny spreader. It looks at home with my rooster door knocker!

Wanted to show you the "easel" I am using to display this little tag...I got this idea from the always amazing sisters Kari & Kijsa.

My glittery eggs from yesterday's post. I put them in a little Longaberger spring basket. I have a rather large collection of Longaberger, but I like their seasonal baskets the best. (This is a post for another day however.)

I had a little leftover scrap linen from my birds, so I made this little rosebud and added a little flowery bling to the middle, then "sewed" it right on to my birdcage.

I love collecting papier mache rabbits. I love this little guys' buttons...bling bling.

This is my favorite bunny...She is all glittery and sits on a sweet vintage-y egg. I got her for a deal because the wire balloon string had come loose. A little hot glue fixed that easily!

This one was a gift from the Hubby. I dig the ears!

Another vintage-inspired tag...

The whole vignette on my spring-y green buffet~

My birdies (again)

One more of the pretty glittery eggs.

Some easter eggs in a pretty white footed bowl. I set it inside a spring-y green wreath and it makes a perfect centerpiece.

And I have to wish my sweetest baby little Mr. Three a very happy 2nd birthday! I love you, buddy! (check out the boots...they're mine...he's in the "wear anybody's shoes but your own" phase.)

Now for my surprise! You all asked, and I listened!! I'd like to introduce my new Nest Pillows!! Perfect for your spring decor! And before I list them in my Etsy shop, I thought I'd give my beloved readers a special deal. I have ten blue-egg and ten white-egg pillows up for grabs for only $30 INCLUDING shipping and handling (that's a 20% discount!). If you are interested, please email me and tell me which color you would like. Payment will be made via Paypal invoice. If you click my email link on my sidebar it gives you a post...don't worry, my email is in big bold letters at the bottom of the post. Trying to avoid SPAM and all. ;-)

Have a lovely Thursday~


Affordable and Fun Spring Decor

Welcome back to Spring Spruce-up Week at the Shabby Nest! Since everyone is very budget conscious now-a-days, I thought I'd share some Spring decorating ideas that don't cost a lot of money! After all, we still want our homes to look pretty even if we don't have a fortune to spend. Whenever I need fun ideas, I turn to...what else? The internet! And Blogland, in particular.

First up! Pretty eggs...This idea came from an idea for decoupaged spheres found here. I just love these! I'm actually going to make some of them later with some of my toile wrapping paper. (Just can't get enough toile!) But I decided to adapt the idea for spring/Easter, and this is what I came up with...decoupaged plastic Easter eggs...with lots of glitter. I just used scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and glitter...lots of glitter. They're so pretty! I *heart* them.

Next, more little birdies. I gave you all the link to the pattern for these pretty birds in this post. This is a great pattern because these little pretties can be adapted for all seasons. For spring, I decided to make some in a soft linen. I love them, but Mr. One isn't so sure. He thinks they're kind of "ugly" was the exact word he used. But then I could tell he felt bad, and tried to make it up to me. Ah well, he's only 8 after all. I still love them. And I think they will transition nicely to summer as well.

If you haven't already heard of the Toymaker, you will thank me! It is an amazing site, chock full of paper lovelies for you to print and make. This sweet little bunny is actually part of a game that you can make from the site, but I thought it was so cute, I needed to make one for Easter.

And finally, I simply love it when I get links to Pixies that my readers have created. I had to share this darling pixie created by Attic Gal Rachelle. Isn't she amazing? Check out her little wings...Easter eggs! And the sweet little tutu made from silk flower petals? So cute. Hop over and check it out.

Photo from Attic Gals

I hope that these ideas will help put some "Spring" in your homes!!

Join me tomorrow for some more spring/Easter decor and a little surprise too!

Have a lovely Wednesday~


Toile Tuesday~

Hello Everyone! We interrupt Spring Spruce-up week to bring you TOILE TUESDAY! I am joining the fun over at Pretty Organized Palace with her Toile Linky Party!

Hope you enjoy this little Toile Tour of my home...

One of my favorite projects...my Toile Barn Star!

This cute little toile birdie makes its home in the Princess' bedroom.

A banner also in the Princess' room...you all know I love a banner.

This pretty toile frame is in my kitchen...it makes me smile while I'm doing dishes...

Framed toile wrapping paper (the same paper from my barn star...I think I have a theme going here.)

This pretty toile pillow sits in my bay window...

Which brings me to my big project reveal...My window- seat cushion!!! (Sorry the photo isn't the greatest....I'll try to get a better one...) I have wanted a cushion for this bay window since we moved in to our house almost two years ago. What was holding me back? Well, partially it was the price of foam...until I hit on the idea of cutting up the other half of the old crib mattress I used on my mudbench. I pulled out my good old electric carving knife and cut up that mattress. Then I used electrical tape to hold the pieces together. (It sounds funny, but it worked great!) Then I sewed up the cover out of tan linen and red TOILE, of course. I love how it turned out! Just the softness this spot needed - the Princess has napped on it 3 times since I finished it last Friday!

And, if you still can't get enough toile, you can always wear it! (HA! It's a sickness, really.)

Thanks for joining my Toile Tour!

If you didn't get a chance yesterday, please check out my interview on Decor Medley.

Tomorrow, on my Spring Spruce-up Week agenda, some fun spring decor craft ideas.

Hope to see you then~